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Japan Nite 2011: White White Sisters

White White Sisters

White White Sisters

My friends, as we sit reading this at our computers and on our smart phones, we are less than three weeks away from the musical meeting of two cultures known as Japan Nite. It’s high time to start taking a long, hard look at the participating bands – all seven of them.

First up: White White Sisters.

Imagine you’re standing in the pit at a concert. You’ve had too much to drink. Bad stage lights periodically blind you with artificial pinks and yellows. The sound system is set to blasting. Yet somehow, you gain a second wind. For a split second, despite the thousands of bodies and flailing limbs that have you surrounded, you are still. You’re at peace. You experience a moment of euphoria; one that is milliseconds away from being destroyed by frenetic chaos. That razor thin instance, that sharpest of edges between nirvana and being consumed by darkness is precisely what White White Sisters sounds like. Electronic and measured yet rebellious and raw at the same time, White White Sisters combine edgy rock with programmed electronica for a sound that is as much at home in a night club as a rock venue.

Formed by vocalist/guitarist/programmer Yuya Matsumura and Drummer Kazumasa Ishii in 2008, White White Sisters are relatively new. So new, in fact, that the band’s only available recording is a five-song E.P. called Euphoria of Euphobia.

White White Sisters – ” Imperfect Conflict”

Yet for a band that has existed for only three years, they’ve developed quite the reputation. According to SXSW, the band has played Summer Sonic in Tokyo, Minami Wheel in OSaka and Sakae Sp-Ring in Nagoya. During their live performances, White White Sisters collaborate with “VJ Art Director” Kouta Taijima who “represents extreme emotion with using only line, dot and plane.” Presumably some of this minimalist video art can be observed in the above video for the band’s song “Imperfect Conflict.” Here’s hoping Taijima makes it to Japan Nite.

It’s hard not to see a little Boom Boom Satellites influence in White White Sisters. The electronic effects meet fuzzy guitar distortion pairing is something the Satellites have had down since 1990. White White Sisters are a little edgier, but the Boom Boom spirit is very much intact. Trust me when I say that this is not a bad thing.

White White Sisters will play the March 18 Japan NIte performance in Austin as part of SXSW. The band is also confirmed for Japan Nite’s March 20 performance at the Bowery Ballroom in New York.

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~ by Jonathan on 02/24/2011.

  • http://thelibrasoul.com Aiton

    Dig the sound of the White White Sisters. I can rock the fuck out to this at a show. Austin is a mere 2 hours away after all…hmmmm

  • http://sxsw-asia.com/JapanNite2011/ audrey Japan Nite

    Thank you so much for the post!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/empressleo Lauren

    Thanks SO much for this! I’m loving their sound and now am on the hunt for the mini album. Must follow…