Japan Preview Day Show Brings Eight More Japanese Bands to SXSW


Puffyshoes is one of eight Japanese bands hitting up the Japan Preview Day Show but not playing at Japan Nite.

I’ve mentioned before that during SXSW one can’t hardly walk the streets of Austin without tripping over all the bands. Those of you who are hip to all things musically Japanese will be pleased to hear that there are more Japanese bands to trip over than merely those playing Japan Nite.

One day before Japan Nite’s March 18 performance, you can catch a few of the Japan Nite bands and several other groups from the Land of the Rising Sun during the Japan Preview Day Show at The Grackle. How many more bands? Try eight.

Check out all eight bands playing the Japan Preview Day Show: Puffyshoes, Sonodaband, DJ Teraoka & The Revolution, Suck Piggy, YDESTROYDE, takashi KAMIDE, oh sunshine and Vampillia.

Last year’s Japan Preview Day Show at the Typewriter Musem was a blast. While a few of the bands were a little rough around the edges, blazing through 8 or so bands in quick succession made for one hell of a good time. Hystoic Vein played the preview show last year and wound up playing Japan Nite proper this year. Don’t be surprised if some of these up-and-comers do the same next year.


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