Playing Catch Up With X Japan’s Yoshiki

Yoshiki and Mariyn Manson

Yoshiki and Marilyn Manson pose for press photos at the Asia Girls Explosion fashion event in Tokyo.

Months ago, after X Japan’s first U.S. performance, I asked if America was ready for its first, mainstream Japanese band. The answer, if one can be reached, is still a long way off. What I can say with certainty is that X Japan’s Yoshiki Hayashi is continuing draw attention in the states – the kind of attention any band from any country would kill for.

Yesterday, The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, Salon, Yahoo News, and just about every other news source with an entertainment section, picked up an Associated Press piece on Yoshiki in which he declared his intentions to achieve “global rock glory for X Japan.”

It must be nice to hold so much sway that merely declaring your intentions for success is enough to capture the world’s attention. I mean just think about it. X Japan hasn’t released their upcoming album yet. Their North American tour ended months ago. What’s the time peg?

Well, Yoshiki did throw a little fashion event last weekend. Called “Asia Girls Explosion” the event took over Tokyo’s Yoyogi Baseball Stadium. During the event, Yoshiki unveiled his own fashion line dubbed “Yoshikimono.” And who did he recruit to help model it? None other than the crowned prince of American shock rock, Marilyn Manson who had this to say about X Japan’s stateside chances in the AP article:

“They can make it wherever they want.”

Check out these images from Asia Girls Explosion via a link provided by Yoshiki on his twitter account.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up With X Japan’s Yoshiki”

  1. winnie_pooh says:

    I believe in Yoshiki ๐Ÿ™‚ He will do the best to make X-japan conquer the world !

  2. cleveryummy says:

    I always believe and 100% support what YOSHIKI is doing since I became his fan going back nearly 20 years ago. I still believe what he wants to do next. Last 20 years, X Japan and YOSHIKI himself have roller coaster upside down. But YOSHIKI is still standing. This is very remarkable fact in fast movement Japanese music scene. YOSHIKI still manages to steal the Japanese media's attention all his moves. Thanks for such a talented PR machine himself. Now US media take notice what he is after. One step forward. His one step is very tiny each time. But definitely he is moving toward his dream. I hope their US debut single 'Jade' is coming out in US as planned on 15th March. I'm still waiting YOSHIKI and X Japan will come to somewhere Europe. How long will he takes? I don't know. I just trust YOSHIKI. Just waiting.


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