Omodaka’s Chiptune Goodness Returns With Sanosa

“Hietsuki Bushi” from Omodaka’s new album Sanosa.

Omodaka, the mask-wearing music maker who plucks melodies from modified video game hand-helds, is back with a new album. Like his previous work, Sanosa blends the bleeps and blips of chiptune music with traditional Japanese singing courtesy of Kanazawa Akiko.

Sanosa features twenty tracks; not all of them new. Re-workings of previous Omodaka songs such as “Cantata No. 147” and “Plum Song” account for a handful of the albums twenty songs.

Hear Japan released the album today and is currently offering the whole shebang for $12.85. You can also purchase all twenty tracks individually for ¥100 each. Of course with the conversion rate what it is, you’re probably better off buying the entire album. Sanosa is also available on the iTunes store for $9.99.


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