SXSW Music 2012: Toquiwa AKA Pinky Piglets at Swan Dive

Toquiwa at Swan Dive in Austin, Texas during SXSW

Toquiwa at Swan Dive.

There’s a distinct difference between the Austin that hosted SXSW Interactive and the one I found myself swallowed up by tonight. Interactive’s creative coders and masters of multimedia manipulation have skipped town; taking their discourse about data-based journalism and which tablet is right for school children with them.

In their place one can find fliers for 1 a.m. shows featuring bands no one has ever heard of and likely will never hear of again are tucked under windshield wipers miles from the downtown epicenter. Sixth Street, the well-documented party strip wherein beats the heart of Austin’s music scene, pumping alcoholic sustenance and drunken food panaceas to the music-witnessing masses, is now a venue unto itself. Every few feet crowds converge on traveling folk bands and would-be rap stars kicking it in the one venue that never requires a badge, a wrist band or a cover: the street.

And just a few feet from an assault on all senses that includes the smells of nearby, truck-based pizzerias and fifteen booming live shows all happening at once and all competing to define what Nicki Minaj meant by “super bass,” I took in my first show of the SXSW music season at Swan Dive.
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