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Nihongaku Radio Episode 13: Take a Few Capsules and Call Me In the Morning, Hondalady

Nihongaku Radio Episode 13

There’s a lot of brand new music in this show. We’ll hear the latest from Capsule, T-ARA and Hondalady. Also, prepare yourselves for a real throw back in our third set from Miyoko Yoshimoto.

A few things I mentioned in the show:

“Born to Walk” is a great new song from nuxx’s album Lettre Mois. If you dig the song, you’re going to love the music video.

Go check out AbstractJapan right now. More Japanese music podcast goodness.

Want more Nihongaku Radio? Check out previous episodes right here on Nihongaku. You can also find the show on Ani.me, a great site for all your anime, manga and Japanese cultural needs. You can also subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes.

Nihongaku Radio Episode 13


Intro: “Tsumetai Ame (Instrumental)” – Bonnie PinkMi

“Feelin’ Alright” – Capsule (Buy It!)
“Born to Walk” – nuxx (Buy It!)
“Gimme A Break” – HONDALADY (Buy It!)

Break: “The Egg and I” – Yoko Kanno (Buy It!)

“Bach No Senritsu Wo Yoru Ni Kiitasei Desu” – Sakanaction (Buy It!)
“Clockwork” – Sekaiichi (Buy It!)
“Yumemi Gallop” – SHAKALABBITS (Buy It!)

Break: “Cat Blues” (Mr. Scruff Remix) – Seatbelts, Mr. Scruff (Buy It!)

“Amai Keiken” – The Yellow Monkey (Buy It!)
“Roly-Poly” – T-ARA (Buy It!)
“Kokoro No Tobira” – Miyoko Yoshimoto (Buy It!)

Break: “Time to Know ~ Be Waltz” – Seatbelts, Hideyuki Takahashi (Buy It!)

“Kokudou Ni Go Sei” – GAGAGA SP (Buy It!)
“Wasurerainai Kimi Yo” – GAGAGA SP (Buy It!)
“My First Kiss” – GAGAGA SP (Buy It!)

Break: “The EGG and YOU” – New York Musicians (Buy It!)

“Gatchaman No Uta” – Masato Shimon (Buy It!)

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~ by Jonathan on 04/05/2012.