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Nihongaku Radio Episode 14: Keep It Metal, Baby

Nihongaku Radio Episode 14

You’d better pray to whatever deity you hold dear because on this episode, we’ve got Baby Metal. I don’t know what sick, Akiba-frequenting, J-Pop-obsessed mind cooked up the idea to start a grade school girl dance troupe backed by heavy metal, but I simply can not turn away from it. Neither, I suspect, will you.

There’s a ton of other new music on this episode from the likes of Perfume and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. We’ll also hear from three of bands represented by Buffalo, New York-based Good Charamel Records. They’ve got a new band called Tricot that I’m pretty stoked about. There’s also TsuShiMaMiRe and Molice.

Speaking of Molice, they have a new site out for their brand-new album, Neugravity.

A few things I mentioned during the show: If you want to get into some of the Good Charamel bands, you might want to check out their new sampler album I Love J-Rock II (which I mistakenly refer to as “I Heart J-Rock II” on the show).

Don’t miss this epic music video for Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s “Haruka Kanata.” While you’re at it, here’s a little more information about the band’s music festival, Nano-Mugen Fes.

Want more Nihongaku Radio? Check out previous episodes right here on Nihongaku. You can also find the show on Ani.me, a great site for all your anime, manga and Japanese cultural needs. You can also subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes.

Nihongaku Radio Episode 14


Intro: “Wonderland” – Flip (Buy It!)

“Rachel” – Molice (Buy It!)
“Bakuretsu Panie-san” – Tricot (Buy It!)
“Theme of Sara” – TsuShiMaMiRe (Buy It!)

Break: “Sad Sad Kittie” – The Pillows (Buy It!)

“Iine!” – Baby Metal (Buy It!)
“Saigo no Bansan” – Flip (Buy It!)
“Daydream” – Sadie (Buy It!)

Break: “Stalker” – The Pillows (Buy It!)

“Spring of Life” – Perfume (Buy It!)
“Chyoudo Iino” – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Buy It!)
“Ano Koro” – Sayonara Ponytail (Buy It!)

Break: “Come Down” – The Pillows (Buy It!)

“Kakatode Ai Wo Uchinarase” – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Buy It!)
“Butterfly” – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Buy It!)
“Haruka Kanata” – Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Buy It!)

Break: “Beautiful Morning With You” – The Pillows (Buy It!)

“Sharp#” – Negoto (Buy It!)

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~ by Jonathan on 04/18/2012.

  • IncreaseBlue

    LOL I love how you don’t hide your disdain for Baby Metal. They’re not half bad but definitely some of the most inconsistent stuff I’ve heard in awhile. Fun stuff this time round!

  • BlazingGunny

    Awesome! Much love for TsuShiMaMiRe!

  • http://youtube.com/NoiPunkRockers Papasan


    2: I ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥ Baby Metal! Don’t disdain them Makunamara-Sensei!

    3: All hyperbole aside, Nihongaku rules, and I thank whatever deity that anyone might hold dear that you take the time to do it. You truly rock!

  • Jonathan

    Despite myself, I love Baby Metal a bit too, Papasan, but they’re definitely a guilty pleasure. Thanks for listening!