Nihongaku Radio Episode 18: Standing In Front of a Broken Mirror

Nihongaku Radio Episode 18

Every once in a while your ears perceive a song so good you want to wear it out. It must be destroyed through multiple listens; your audio device permanently defaced with an indention where you’ve repeatedly skipped back to the top of the track. Boom Boom Satellite’s “Broken Mirror” is such a track. Luckily, we’ve got it on this installment of Nihongaku Radio.

Mentioned in the podcast: Be sure and check out the music video for “Broken Mirror” available on the Boom Boom Satellites’ Facebook page.

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Nihongaku Radio Episode 18


Intro: “Ippai Ippai” – Crazy Ken Band (Buy It!)

“Have a Good Night” – Polysics (Buy It!)
“Kanashii Ame” – Floppy (Buy It!)
“Ring of Pop” – Nuxx (Buy It!)

Break: “Gym” – Takada Masafumi (Buy It!)

“New Comer” – Sekaiichi (Buy It!)
“Move On” – Shonen Knife (Buy It!)
“Kyo no Watashi wa Kiigen ga Ii” – Halcali (Buy It!)

Break: “Hotel” – Takada Masafumi (Buy It!)

“Sirius” – The Back Horn (Buy It!)
“Nikola to Tesula” – People In the Box (Buy It!)
“Wimpy” – PolyABC (Buy It!)

Break: “Shinobu Battle One” – Takada Masafumi (Buy It!)

“Upside Down” – Boom Boom Satellites (Buy It!)
“Broken Mirror” – Boom Boom Satellites (Buy It!)
“Stay” – Boom Boom Satellites(Buy It!)

Break: “Bike” – Takada Masafumi (Buy It!)

“Tobe! Grendaizer” – UFO Robo Grendaizer (Buy It!)


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