Peelander Yellow’s Art Show Opens at Guzu Gallery With Acoustic Set

Peelander-Z at Guzu Gallery

Peelander Z posing in their normal states at Kengo Hioki's (Peelander Yellow) art show Friday night at Guzu Gallery in Austin, TX.

AUSTIN, TX—Guzu Gallery is jam-packed with art. Shelves upon shelves heaving under the weight of graphic novels share space with the latest capsule toys imported from Japan. On a display, customizable “Munny” vinyl toys cry out for detailing and a monstrous army of Ugly Dolls await would-be owners hoping to round out their collections. But on Friday, Guzu’s regular cliental of designer toy aficionados had to make room for fans of the self-proclaimed “action comic punk” band Peelander-Z.

More than 200 fans packed into Guzu gallery to see the art work of Kengo Hioki, better known as Peelander-Z’s over-the-top frontman Peelander Yellow. What kind of art work does an action comic punk band leader create? Linocuts: hand-carved stamps rolled with ink and pressed onto paper to make prints.

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Photo by Jonathan | Nihongaku!