Peelander-Z Rocks Red 7 With Neon Cobra, The Biters, and Ghost Knife

Peelander-Z at Red 7 in Austin, TX.

Peelander-Z at Red 7 in Austin, TX.

AUSTIN, TX—Peelander-Z is anything but shy about their love for the live music capital of the world. Though based in NYC, the band has relied on Austin-based Chicken Ranch Records to produce their last three albums (P-TV-Z, Super DX Hits, and most recently, Space Vacation) and their forthcoming album due out in 2013. An East Side Kings food truck is adorned with Peelander Yellow’s (Kengo Hioki) artwork, as is Guzu Gallery, where the wacky frontman currently has a few dozen of his linocut prints on display. Similarly, the band members are rarely seen without some of Austin’s more recognizable symbols such as patches from the Austin Facial Hair Club.

So it’s no shock to ATX-based Z fans that the almighty kings of action-comic-punk kicked off their latest tour with a gig at Austin’s own Red 7 on Saturday night.

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