Nihongaku Radio Episode 21: Swarm of B’z

Nihongaku Radio Episode 21
Guess who’s invading the states? And by invading the states, I mean going on a less-than-10 city tour. Still, I’m happy to report that rock duo B’z is doing shows up and down the East and West coasts as well as two dates in Canada. In anticipation of that tour, B’z released a short album with tracks in English. Get ready to hear one of those tracks on this episode of Nihongaku Radio.

Also, prepare your sonic receptors to receive doses of Piano Zombie, Back Number, Lolita No.18 and Arukara.
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  • IncreaseBlue

    Not even joking. First track in from Oh God This is Plague of War is freaking chilling. Love this stuff, need to consume all their albums now. Good stuff Jonathan!

  • I really love these. Thanks so much for releasing them!

  • Wonder if B'z will be performing the English versions of their songs at the concerts. It's a little jarring to hear songs you know sung in a completely different language 🙂 I'll be at their San Francisco show