. Nihongaku Radio Episode 22: Silly Mathcore Bands

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I spend a lot of time talking about the new music on Nihongaku Radio. Well, this episode’s got a fistful of old tracks as well. Tracks you might describe as “groovy.” Tracks with horn sections. Tracks that make you want to get up just to get down. Stick around for the “featured artist” position to see what I mean.

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Nihongaku Radio Episode 22


Intro: “Sharp” – Negoto (Buy It!)

“Osaka Rock City” – Shonen Knife (Buy It!)
“Catal Rhythm” – Oldcodex (Buy It!)
“Our World” – Anarchy Stone (Buy It!)

Break: “Fellows” – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Silent Jealousy” – X Japan (Buy It!)
“Snails” – Arbus (Buy It!)
“Hi wa Mata Noboru” – Yu Takahashi (Buy It!)

Break: “Spiritual State” – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Mizuiro no Ame” – Yagami Junko (Buy It!)
“Spending All My Time” – Perfume (Buy It!)
“My Buddy” – Mami Kawada (Buy It!)

Break: “Dawn on the Side” – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Katte ni Sinbad” – Southern All-Stars (Buy It!)
“Iitoshi no Feet” – Southern All-Stars (Buy It!)
“NO-NO-YEAH / GO-GO-YEAH” – Southern All-Stars (Buy It!)

Break: ” Luv (Sic) Pt.4 – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Rise” – Origa (Buy It!)


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