Peelander-Z Welcomes Peelander Purple?


The color-coded members of Peelander-Z, are well known for their on-stage antics where music often takes a back seat to fighting giant monsters or rolling band mates at pins in a game of “human bowling.” Their theatric flare also appears in form of video messages announcing band member departures. First, there was Peelander Blue who split in 2008 to rule Planet Peelander as its king. Then there was Peelander Red just last year, who called it quits to take a full-time position at “Ninja High School.” Peelander Green filled in for blue on drums, but Red’s position as bassist remains unfilled.

Or does it?

Last Sunday, Peelander-Z updated their YouTube page (see above video) with what appears to be the first in a series of reports about a purple rhino man of alien origin attacking Brooklyn.

Notice the onscreen logo during the news report? The letters in “P-TV-Z” use the remaining band members’ colors with one purple addition. A clue? Perhaps, but what is one clue when so many questions linger on?

If this person is a new Peelander band mate, what’s with the rhino helmet? Last time we saw Peelander-Z on stage, they were sporting spacey caps and outfits in design with their last album Space Vacation. Does this rhinoid suggest a more animalistic theme is in store for the band’s upcoming album?

Unfiltered speculation is all we have until Peelander-Z gives up the goods in another video. Stay tuned.


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