Nihongaku Radio Episode 34: It Came From Korea?

The best decision I made during SXSW music this year was heading to a couple of the Korean music showcases. Make no mistake that my first, truest love as and will always be the zany, whacked-out music of Japan, but Korea represented pretty damn hard during SXSW. In this episode we’ll hear from two Korean acts that I was lucky enough to see live. Get ready for an earful of Galaxy Express and Guckkasten.

I’m also very excited to have Daniel Robson and Asuka of the It Came From Japan podcast on this episode for a special interview. Daniel and Asuka were nice enough to have me on their just after SXSW. Now they’re returning the favor with not only an extended interview about life as Japanese music aficionados in, you know, Japan, but also a special fourth set of music of their choosing. Look forward to that.

For more on It Came From Japan, check out the official site. You can also find It Came from Japan on Twitter and Facebook. New episode of It Came From Japan come out every four weeks. Make sure you give them a proper listen!

In the show, I mentioned how important the art of music videos is to the pop idol group better known as Tempura Kidz. Check out their video for “Cider Cider” and “One Step” (above).

Want more Nihongaku Radio? Check out previous episodes right here on Nihongaku. You can also find the show on Ani.me, a great site for all your anime, manga and Japanese cultural needs. You can also subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes.

Nihongaku Radio Episode 34


Intro: “Kimikoso Yuusha” – Kikuchi Shunsuke (Buy It!)

“Horongbul” – Galaxy Express (Buy It!)
“Montage” – Guckkasten (Buy It!)
“Blast” – Anthem (Buy It!)

Break: “Luv (Sic) Pt. 4 [Featuring Shing02]” – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Unraveling” – Dir En Grey (Buy It!)
“Hurry Up!” – Noanowa (Buy It!)
“One Step” – Tempura Kidz (Buy It!)

Break: “Monkeyturn” – Omodaka (Buy It!)

“Tell All” – Ayumi Hamasaki (You Can’t Buy It!)
“Girlfriend” – Sugardrop (Buy It!)
“BrainWash” – Three Lights Down Kings (Buy It!)

Break: “Motel” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Watashi no Hanzakigaku” – ズズ (pronounced The Chomay Chomays) (Buy It!)
“Fever” – Passepied (Buy It!)
“Can’t Be Your Friend” – Puffyshoes (Buy It!)

Break: “Motel” – Masafumi Takada (Buy It!) / Jun Fukuda + “Prayer” – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Triangular” – Sakamoto Maaya (Buy It!)


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