Nihongaku Radio Episode 36: The Beautiful Red Sky

What’s this!? Another episode? Sure enough. Consider this my apology for being a bit slow with new episodes as of late. I hope that after episode 35, you’re still in the mood for a ton of new Japanese music. We’ll hear from Noanowa, Negoto, and The Band Apart.

But what I’m really excited about is a Q&A session with akai SKY, a J-Rock band from right here in the United States. We’ll also hear three tracks from akai Sky in our third set. Then we’ll end the show with three tracks hand-picked by akai Sky—and they picked some great ones. Stick around!

Want more Nihongaku Radio? Check out previous episodes right here on Nihongaku. You can also find the show on Ani.me, a great site for all your anime, manga and Japanese cultural needs. Nihongaku Radio is also broadcast to the world via Colectivo Bunka, a Columbia-based streaming radio station playing a ton of Asian music. Of course, you can also subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes.

Nihongaku Radio Episode 36


Intro: “Dai Suki Na No Ni” – Kylee (Buy It!)

“Utakata” – Noanowa (Buy It!)
“Killer Tune” – Straightener (Buy It!)
“Live MY Life” – Knotlamp (Buy It!)

Break: “Baby Cruising Love” – Perfume (Buy It!)

“The Burning Plain” – Towa Tei (Buy It!)
“Tashikana Uta” – Negoto (Buy It!)
“Shiwasu” – The Band Apart (Buy It!)

Break: “575” – Perfume (Buy It!) Also: “Motel” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Break Down!” – akai SKY (Buy It!)
“Yuui” – akai SKY (Buy It!)
“Day Break’s Bell” – akai SKY (Buy It!)

Break: “Negai” – Perfume (Buy It!)

“Gray Zone” – The Back Horn (Buy It!)
“Kagerou” – Scandal (Buy It!)
“Honjou Owake” – Omodaka (Buy It!)

Break: “Voice” – Perfume (Buy It!)

“Real” – Vivid (Buy It!)


One thought on “Nihongaku Radio Episode 36: The Beautiful Red Sky”

  1. Papasan says:

    AKAI SKY! YEAAAAAAAHHH!!! They play my local con (SacAnime) on the regular!


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