Nihongaku Radio Episode 52: Ambivalent Dancer Boris

Ladies and gents, Boris is currently touring the U.S. If you’re in Austin on July 29 and feel like moseying on over to The Mohawk, you will see yours truly in attendance for the show. In honor of their current tour, Boris is all over the featured artist set for this episode. Also, get ready to enjoy new music from Base Ball Bear, Ayumi Hamasaki and Perfume.

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Nihongaku Radio Episode 52


Intro: “Diamond Dust” – Wienners (Buy It!)

“Speed” – Fire Horns (Buy It!)
“Souten Delight” – Wienners (Buy It!)
“Ambivalent Dancer” – Base Ball Bear (Buy It!)

Break: “Gym” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Title Call o Mite Ita” – Wasureranneyo (Buy It!)
“Nihon” – Hachijyuhachi Kasyo Junrei (Buy It!)
“The Light Bed” – Coaltar of the Deepers (Buy It!)

Break: “Motel” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Terminal” – Ayumi Hamasaki (Buy It!)
“Hold Your Hand” – Perfume (Buy It!)
“Tokyo City Underground – Passepied (Buy It!)

Break: “Bike” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Taiyo no Baka” – Boris (Buy It!)
“Party Boy” – Boris (Buy It!)
“Jackson Head” – Boris (Buy It!)

Break: “Luv (Sic) Pt.4” – Nujabes (Buy It!)

“Thousand Lights” – Ruppina (Buy It!)


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