Nihongaku Radio Episode 54: Kaja Kaja Goo

Nihongaku Radio Episode 54: Kaja Kaja Goo
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Is it just me or are a ton of Japanese acts heading state-side these days? X Japan rocked Madison Square Garden. Shonen Knife played their 1,000th show in Minnesota. Hatsune Miku was on David Letterman!

We’ll hear from a couple of those bands in this episode along with new music from Avengers In Sci-Fi, and Emi Meyer. Want some additional reading? Check out what The Japan Times has to say about Avengers In Sci-Fi’s latest album, Unknown Tokyo Blues and Emi Meyer’s team-up with guitarist Seiichi Nagai.

Want more Nihongaku Radio? Check out previous episodes right here on Nihongaku. Nihongaku Radio is also broadcast to the world via Colectivo Bunka, a Columbia-based streaming radio station playing a ton of Asian music. Of course, you can also subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes.

Nihongaku Radio Episode 54


Intro: “Yameru Idol” – Urbangarde (Buy It!)

“About a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” – The Pillows (Buy It!)
“Skin” – Noodles (Buy It!)
“Hajime no Owari” – Aprils (Not Available!)

Break: “Gym” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Icarus” – Light Bringer (Buy It!)
“Citizen Song” – Avengers In Sci-Fi (Buy It!)
“Jade” – X Japan (Buy It!)

Break: “Motel” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Escape” – Chihiro Yamazaki and the Route 14 Band (Buy It!)
“Chi no Iro no Spider” – Crazy Ken Band (Buy It!)
“Da Dance!” – Emi Meyer, Seiichi Nagai (Buy It!)

Break: “Bike” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)

“Black Crow” – Shonen Knife (Buy It!)
“Kaja Kaja Goo” – Polysics (Buy It!)
“Cling Cling” – Perfume (Buy It!)

Break: “Shinobu 1 -boss-” – Masafumi Takada / Jun Fukuda (Buy It!)


5 thoughts on “Nihongaku Radio Episode 54: Kaja Kaja Goo”

  1. Papasan says:

    I'm Back! After an absence of nearly two years, I am catching up with Nihongaku Radio!!! My internet at home is the bunk, so I can't afford the bandwidth to listen, but I'm staying at a hotel with Bomb Ass WiFi, AND I'M IN NIHONGAKU HEAVEN!!! YAY!!!

  2. Cameron says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say your show is awesome! I only found out about it a couple months ago, but I've been working my way through the back episodes.

    • Hey Cameron! Thanks for listening to the show. Glad you've discovered it and enjoy it! If you have a request, let me know. Probably seems unlikely given the amount of time that's passed since Episode 54, but I'm working on posting some new shows. Hang tight! Thanks for listening!

      • Cameron says:

        Sometimes you've gotta take a break! I recently discovered Buck-Tick, not sure if they're up your alley or not.


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