Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Going “Crazy Crazy” With Charli XCX

Charli XCX (left), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Yasutaka Nakata

The good news is that if you were chomping at the bit for new music from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you’ve only got until January 18th to wait.

The better news? The new Kyary track features her first collaboration ever—and what a collaboration! Charli XCX will sing along with Ms. Pamyu Pamyu on a single called “Crazy Crazy.” The new song surprisingly features English lyrics and, as per usual, electro-pop production work courtesy of Yasutaka Nakata, the man behind the knobs and wires that power Perfume and Capsule as well.

The bad news? You can hear part of it right now—25 seconds or so. A mere taste of what’s to come. There’s barely enough for the brain to process beyond a primal, visceral knowledge that what’s to come is likely to be very, very good.

So be forewarned if you decide to head over to Mr. Nakata’s YouTube channel to indulge in the scant taste of “Crazy Crazy” available there (or directly above this paragraph). And if you find yourself stooping to playing those succulent 25 seconds of pop on heavy rotation, rest assured you’re in good company.

Photos by: http://kpp5.jp/


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